Vilnius Taxi services

Many taxi companies are operating in Vilnius. Vilnius taxi is not as expensive as in other European cities.Taxis hired in the street can be expensive and not always of the best quality.It is cheaper  to call a taxi by telephone. A regular cab may cost about 15-20 LTL if you need to get from periphery of the city to the center. You should always call a taxi by phone, even if you see a taxi on the street nearby or just ask your Vilnius hotel stuff to do it for you. Good practice is to dial the number written on the vehicle you see, tell dispatcher the address you're at, and you will most likely get the same vehicle for a fair price.  All Vilnius taxi are now instantly recognisable by their compulsory yellow number plates. The standard rule is to make sure the meter is running and set to the correct tariff. The price for one kilometer usually ranges from 1,5 – 3 Litas, therefore 20-30 litas is enough to get from one end of the city to another. But if taxi is not your way of travelling  the city then it is always posible to rent a car in Vilnius and drive everywhere by yourself.

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